You couldn’t escape the “storm in a teacup” immigration news about the axing of the 457 visa last week. Last time I looked at a DIBP annual report there were about 100,000 (yes, they’d all fit in the MCG) 457 visa holders in Australia. As was reported there are now 216 less occupations (on the new STSOL and MLTSSL) which are eligible for a temporary working visa and some of those are subject to “caveats”. For instance the occupations below, are subject to the dual caveat that they must be located in a regional area (a defined term by postcode) and positions can’t be unskilled farm hands. Consequently, there won’t be any bee-keeping or sugar cane growing in Martin Place.

 Apiarist 121311  Fruit or Nut Grower 121213  Mixed Livestock Farmer 121317
 Aquaculture Farmer 121111  Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower (Aus) / Field Crop Grower (NZ) 121214  Pig Farmer 121318
 Beef Cattle Farmer 121312  Grape Grower 121215  Poultry Farmer 121321
 Cotton Grower 121211  Horse Breeder 121316  Sheep Farmer 121322
 Crop Farmers nec 121299  Livestock Farmers nec 121399  Sugar Cane Grower 121217
 Dairy Cattle Farmer 121313  Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer 121411  Vegetable Grower (Aus) / Market Gardener (NZ) 121221
 Flower Grower 121212  Mixed Crop Farmer 121216

If you’re wondering, the 6 digits is an ANZSCO code where you can look up the skills and qualifications necessary for just about any occupation including “sex worker” (see my previous post about Classification of occupations). Sex worker is not on the list of skilled occupations for the 457 visa.

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