If you want to learn how to turn a $50 problem into a $50,000 problem have a look at the judgment of Foster J who, in hearing Mr Croker’s application to set aside a bankruptcy notice (see Croker v Commonwealth of Australia [2010] FCA 1031) summarised this sad and sorry tale when at [3] he said:

On 12 November 2003, the applicant purchased a set of cuff links from the High Court of Australia for the amount of $50.00. Subsequent to this purchase, the applicant alleged that the cuff links became tarnished. They were replaced. The applicant was dissatisfied with the replacement cuff links because, in his view, they exhibited the same defects as had been found to exist in the original set of cuff links purchased by him. These transactions between the applicant and the High Court spawned a plethora of litigation between the applicant and the respondent. A summary of that litigation up to late 2007 is found in the judgment of Cowdroy J in Croker v Commonwealth of Australia [2008] FCA 452 at [2]–[35]…. It is not necessary for present purposes to traverse in detail the prior litigation between the applicant and the respondent concerning the cuff links. Nor is it necessary or appropriate to look behind the costs orders which constitute the debt [now $51,705.61!] said to be due by the applicant to the respondent.

If you want a pair of the cufflinks (the ones in the photo – not the High Court ones) – click here.

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