In the best tradition of finding something interesting when looking for something else, I came across NSW Road Rule 291-3. This rule is not in the national road rules and I have been unable to trace when (or why) it came into force in NSW:

NSW rule: splashing mud on bus passengers

A driver must take due care, by slowing down or stopping the driver’s vehicle if necessary, not to splash mud on:

(a)  any person in or on a bus, or

(b)  any person entering or leaving any stationary bus, or

(c)  any person waiting at any bus stop,

if the bus concerned is being used to provide a public passenger service or the bus stop concerned is a stop relating to buses used for that purpose. Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.

As far as I can tell from the Bureau of Crime Statistics no-one has ever been charged under this rule. So, without inciting a breach of the law, if you want to make NSW legal history and you’re driving past a bus stop on a wet day…

Creative commons attribution for the photograph.

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