Paul Cutler - mediator, barrister and migration lawyerThank you for visiting Paul Cutler’s blog. This blog was born partly as a rebellion against traditional legal newsletters. It looks at the “lighter side of law” and I write about legal things which I think are amusing or off beat. I usually only blog about Australian matters and I generally have one new post each month.

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Apart from blogging, I am a practising barrister in Sydney.  I am a member of Queen’s Square Chambers.

Barrister, Mediator and Migration Lawyer

Although I have a very diversified commercial (and occasionally, criminal) practice, an increasing amount of what I do is in migration law and ADR.

I have advised clients on their migration matters for over 20 years. I specialise in advising in respect of review rights when visas are refused or cancelled particularly when that is on character grounds. 

I also have postgraduate qualifications in dispute resolution and I am both an NMAS accredited mediator and also an accredited arbitrator. I am happy to be engaged as a mediator or to represent parties in mediations. I am committed to the Harvard method of principled negotiation.

If you want to know more about my areas of practice I have two other websites:

    1. Paul Cutler, mediator, arbitrator and barrister –; and
    2. Paul Cutler – Migration Lawyer –

You can also find me on twitter (@pcutler) or linkedin.