Phrase Buster

Posted on Aug 4, 2011 | 2 comments

On 29 June 2011, Allens Arthur Robinson became the first major Australian law firm to launch an iPhone and iPad app. The app (called “Phrase Buster”) is basically a cross between wheel of fortune and tetris and requires players to unscramble phrases (including legal ones) as the words drop from the top of the screen. The firm’s press release says it “… wanted to engage with the graduate market in a fun, unusual and challenging way…”

Anyone who has ever downloaded an app is aware that there is facility for customer reviews. The last time I looked these included  “Good Fun!” and “Lots of fun, so much better than Angry Birds!”. But as the UK based Roll on Friday says: “Hmmm. That would be the same Angry Birds that has been downloaded over 250 million times and is pretty much the most successful app ever. Only one reviewer bucked the positive trend: ‘just about the lamest most boring game I’ve played’.

I must admit I didn’t like it much (I am obviously too old?), but you can make up your own mind and download it from:

Creative commons attribution for the photograph.


  1. The game’s ok. I’d still pick Angry Birds over Phrase Buster though. Also, the negative comment about the game you mentioned wasn’t in the reviews section. I just noticed when I read what others were saying about the game.

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