I have previously blogged about the activities of Alan George Skyring. Mr Skyring is the champion of the so called “currency argument”. According to Mr Skyring all laws dealing with paper currency are invalid because gold and silver coins are the only currency referred to in the Magna Carta. Mr Skyring has pushed his barrow so far that he was declared a vexatious litigant by the High Court in 1992 (see Jones v. Skyring [1992] HCA 39, where you will find a summary of the 50 odd sets of proceedings commenced by him). The costs orders which he collected along the way resulted in his bankruptcy. This didn’t stop him appealing against a decision of his trustee and didn’t stop his trustee seeking security for costs.  Spender J showed some good humour in his judgment on that application in Skyring v Sweeney [1999] FCA 61 said:

[4] Notwitstanding Mr Skyring’s forceful submissions that the provisions of Magna Carta, amongst others, prohibit the imposition of orders for security for costs as that involves in a sense the selling of justice, and notwithstanding Mr Skyring’s argument – almost a mantra really – that it is impossible to comply with an order for security for costs, it being asserted by him that paper money is not legal tender in Australia, in this case, in my opinion, on the proper application of s 56 of the Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 , I ought to order the provision of security for costs.


[9] I express no view as to the prospects of success of the proposed appeal, since it is an appeal from a judgment of my own, but I do note that the point which Mr Skyring wishes to agitate on the appeal is the same point which he has pursued with commitment, if not wisdom, on many occasions in the past. He no doubt hopes that he will strike it lucky sooner or later.

…I have my doubts!

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