mug shotSome of you may have read this story in the press recently. Victoria Police launched a Facebook campaign for information from the public in respect of an arrest warrant that was issued for Bendigo man, Daniel Damon after he failed to answer bail for drug and traffic offences.

The following unexpected interchange then occurred online, between the police and a user called “Danny Damon”….

Danny:     “Can you use a better photo tho [sic]. This is a horrible mugshot.

Police:       “Hi Daniel, please visit your nearest police station and we’ll arrange for a new photo to be taken.

A few days later police again took to social media to say Damon had been arrested.

We are happy to report that Daniel Damon, who was wanted on warrants, will be getting the new photo he requested. He was arrested today,” the tweet said.

Creative commons acknowledgement for the photograph.


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