Let me think, why did the police prosecutor get sacked?

Was it because:

  • he had a mate who was accused of using a government lab (at ANSTO) to make ice (Breaking Bad style)?; or

  • he helped his mate out by reviewing a folder of documents that the mate obtained under freedom of information and gave him some advice about the investigation and whether there was sufficient information to charge?; or

  • his police-issued belt, leather jacket, hat, shirt, pants, leather gloves and handcuffs (which are prohibited weapon for everyone except the police) were found when a search warrant was executed at the mate’s place?; or

  • he lied (or more formally he was “untruthful, or at the very least, less than fully frank”) to his superiors when he was confronted about these issues and his “disclosable” relationship with his mate?; or

  • he used the handcuffs on this mate otherwise than in the course of duties?; or

  • he knew his mate had a “uniform fetish” and knew it was likely the mate would wear the uniform in some form of sexual encounter with another person; or

  • his conduct was (allegedly) contrary to the: Police Act; Police Regulation 2008 (NSW); Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 (NSW); Weapons Prohibition Regulation 2009 (NSW); Firearms Act 1996 (NSW); NSW Police Force Code of Conduct and Ethics; NSW Police Force Handbook; Procedures for Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy; Declarable Associations Policy etc etc

For the complete saga you’ll have to look at his unsuccessful bid for reinstatement in the Industrial Commission.

Creative commons acknowledgment for the photograph.

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