bogusBogus is not generally a word I associate with legislation. I am in fact much more inclined to think of the 1991 movie “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey” which co-starred a very young Keanu Reeves. However, “bogus document” is defined in the Migration Act to mean:

in relation to a person, means a document that the Minister reasonably suspects is a document that:

 (a)  purports to have been, but was not, issued in respect of the person; or

 (b)  is counterfeit or has been altered by a person who does not have authority to do so; or

 (c)  was obtained because of a false or misleading statement, whether or not made knowingly.”

If, in the unlikely event that, a bogus document comes into the possession of a non-citizen,  they: “must not give, present, produce or provide to an officer, an authorised system, the Minister, the Immigration Assessment Authority, or the Tribunal performing a function or purpose under this Act, a bogus  document or cause such a document to be so given, presented, produced or provided.” In the even more unlikely event that a bogus document is provided (in breach of section 103) it may be grounds for refusal (public interest criterion 4020) or cancellation of a visa.

….I’ve almost lost count of how many 4020 cases I’ve had!

Creative commons acknowledgment for the photograph.

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