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Have you ever noticed the disclaimers which appear at the bottom of emails from professional firms? If so, I assume you have also noticed how similar (and boring) they all appear to be? Well that’s not always the case apparently and at least one person has allowed their creative juices to run free. I am assured that the following example is genuine:

The Law’ might be overdoing it a little bit. I’m actually Corporate Counsel at [Company name deleted], not Judge Dredd. Which means it’s possible that this email contains dangerously confidential material which WikiLeaks would love to get their hands on. It may also be subject to Legal Professional Privilege. You’ll just never know. But, seeing as I’m not yet able to embed a Mission Impossible self destruct into this email, if you are not the intended recipient of this email your are not, by the Power of Grayskull, permitted to reveal its contents to anyone else, copy it, use it or, in fact, do anything else with it, including priniting it out and using it to practise for your black belt in origami. But you could give me a tinkle on the blower or send me a return email to let me know you’ve received it and I’ll pop round with a Men In Black memory eraser and remove all traces of this correspondence from your noggin. If you don’t fancy that, just delete it and we’ll say not more about it.

Shout out to Sunila Prasad from Allianz for bringing this little gem to my attention.

Creative commons acknowledgment for the photograph.

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