The contribution that (now declared vexatious, self represented serial litigant) Alan George Skyring has made to the annals of legal history has only recently come to my attention. There will inevitably be more posts about him and his activities. One of Mr Skyring’s first excursions into the Courts of Queensland appears to be have been over a parking ticket.
I set out in full the judgment of Master Weld in Re SKYRING – (1984) 1 MVR 402, where he said:

A motorist was charged with and convicted of contravening or failing to comply with an official traffic sign against the Traffic Act 1949 (Qld) s 12 f. He was fined $20 and ordered to pay costs of $31.25. He applied for an order nisi for a writ of certiorari [against the Commonwealth Attorney General] on the ground, inter alia, that the provisions of the Traffic Act provide for regulated parking and the creation of a summary offence, of which he had been convicted in contravention of an old established principle of law that a stable shall not be made of the Queen’s highway. He explained this to mean that the Crown should provide off-street facilities for parking.”….the application was dismissed

Creative commons attribution for the photograph: http://www.flickr.com/photos/arthur_chapman/3926291226/
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